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Trump Powerless to Enforce his Firing

-by Bill Watkins 5/10/2017

Trump + Comey

What if Comey said “No.”

No, I refuse to leave.

Let’s compare Trump’s political clout with Comey’s.

Let’s compare Trump’s army with Comey’s.

I feel that if push really came to shove, James Comey could beat Donald Trump in a head-to-head fight.

Fist fight, of course. But even an existential confrontation.

What if Comey refused to leave his office?

Is Trump going to get Senator Grassley to limp over and haul the six foot seven patriot to vacate the building?

“Fuck you, I’m not leaving.”

And watch Senator Grassley limp away, call his mom or wife, whichever applies his emotional bandages.

I’m waiting in the twenty-four hours until Trump resigns, for a news report that says:

“Comey Refuses to Go; Trump Powerless to Enforce his Firing.”

For now my little fantasy will have to do.

Stay strong, Big Man. Keep praying, America…