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-by Bill Watkins and Robert Frost

Something there is that doesn’t love a lie,
That sends the Washington Post “deep” in
And leaks anonymous sources—deep throat,
Making Truth shine like the sun.
The work of liberals is another thing:
Trump came after them to deconstruct
Where they have barely survived Roger Stone,
But they would have Carter Page out of hiding,
To please constituents from the left and right.
The rifts—no one has seen them made, but
We heard them made in First Amendment-killing
MOAB tweets and claims.  There they are
On our computers and phones; we try to ignore
Them but we can’t, so make a date in the Senate.
There we deconstruct Trump’s deconstructions,
Which is gravely presented by GOP as a lovely
Growing Tree, especially made for you and me.
Never mind Russia and 2016, as old White Men
Keep close control over the next four years.
Bipartisanship is the great dream of fools, until
Matt Schlapp and Bill Maher hug on HBO,
“Hug it out!!” yelling Kevin Dillon from sitcoms
past, reminding us all of Something.
“Good walls make good races,” exclaims Trump,
Bannon behind him—as McMaster tries to be sane
Enough for them both.  Hillary shakes her head,
Smiling not on deck per se, perhaps in baseball’s
Third-up “hole.”  The poet wishes he went with
A naval image over baseball, but it may be too
Late—both of them with sexist overtones, risking
Further hurt pointed out by poignant p-hats
In protest protesting, protesting among other
Things… all the Walls.
“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,”
Said Frost, but neither does Something love a
Lie, I’m sure of it!!  The poet “sure of it” assuring
So many readers he’s “full of it” until he finds
Matt Schlapp, gives him another hug,
Promotes a Third Party called the Native Party
Led by cheated Native Americans.  Their
Platform a simple one:
“Pay all our debts, financial and moral.”
Trump says again, “Good walls make good races,”
But does so from his newly made Twitter jail,
Where Sally Yates confined him.  Truth is
The great Skeleton Key that opens all doors,
Shuts out Hate, providing the mortar to all
Walls of Freedom constructed—protecting love
And innocence inside.  That hug.  The open
Mind.  The listener.  The tweeter.  The dog
Eat dog Businessman “president” who to succeed
At talking must learn not to talk and do…
Until God blesses our land through Native America
Once more.