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The History of “Classified”

-by Bill Watkins 5/11/2017


The term “Classified” came from “Classified Top Secret” or “Classified Secret” or “Classified Confidential” but over time was shortened to simply “Classified.” (Reddit.com)

It’s a problem when words get shortened, phrases economized over time—when we forget their origins.

Keeping “secrets” is undemocratic; does not jibe with “rule by the people,” when the people are not told the truth by leaders.

The shortening of “Classified Top Secret” to “Classified” allows a slow and steady murder of democratic ideals, regarding information and its availability to Joe Public.

“We’re not going to say ‘secret’ anymore, we are going to use the word ‘classified,’ put that one over the people.  Then of course relate to them that the matter needs to stay a secret in the interest of…”


And now the world of fascist euphemism runs wild; “national security” covering all nature of secrets and sin, justifying say… the murder of John F. Kennedy by CIA as a matter of National Security.

Documents related to that matter kept secret for over fifty-three years, originally meant to be stored in a secret vault for seventy-five years.

We don’t have a democracy in America, people.  It is gone.

It left the minute CIA killed John Kennedy, and locked up all proof around that.

Wake up, demand the truth, and pray to the God we’ve crucified as political and religious.

God is good.  Is Good Orderly Direction.  Is concept.  Is power.

Atheism is the great myth, Bill Maher:

Unless you, sir, are a Power greater than yourself.