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-by Bill Watkins 5/8/2017


Seems a decent theory.

And no one is reporting on this yet.

We often think that criminals are dumb, don’t think too much, too far ahead—don’t know how to play chess with their crimes and cover-ups.

I pose that Attorney General Sally Yates rocked the White House core when she outed Michael Flynn’s behavior on January 26th, 2017.

Then she did it again on the 27th, before the weekend.


The White House attorney, McGahn, delivers the bad news to his boss, Mr. Trump.

They kick it around, he and his “staff.”

I pose again:  I believe there may have been a brain in that room on this topic, who could have conceived of a plan to keep Flynn, and get rid of Yates:

“Hey!!  I got it!!  We made a promise to ban Muslims from this country, so let’s roll it out!!”

“What’s that got to do with Yates?”

“Ahh!!  Don’t you see?  She won’t enforce it!!  She’ll call it ‘unconstitutional!!  Then…”

And they all finally got it:

“Then we fire her.”