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10. The United States of America –

It was built on Native American blood.

9. Helicopters –

Could a noisier, more polluting of air and sound—machine ever been invented?

8. Airplanes –

See #9.  Flying is a good way to forget you are a human being.

7. Computers –

I’ll know why ages and ages hence.

6. Roller Coasters –

Isn’t life thrilling enough?

5. Top Ten Lists –

4. Gourmet Dog Food –

Obsessing about your dog is another good way to forget you are a human being.

3. Hair Professionals –

I don’t get it.  Take some scissors, feel for hair you don’t want.  Cut.

2. Helicopters –

Well, they’re the reason I started this list.

1. Nuclear Bombs.

Nuclear energy. Splitting Atoms = Bad. Sometimes it’s best to just let nature go.

Honorable Mention: Covert CIA – At least call yourselves what you are: Blank Check Spooky Criminals who killed JFK and lots of other people, covered it all up. (=bad.) :))) –BW’17