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-by Bill Watkins 3/30/2017


10. Do Nothing. It’s better than doing something bad.

9. Make a Schedule for Today.  Pray to “God” or some kind of Higher Power that is Peaceful and that you associate with goodness and love.  Put that Power in Charge.

8. Take a Walk.  In Nature.  Outside.  Get away from computers and cars, cellphones and tablets—all technology.

7. Review old Wisdom and Laws like the Ten Commandments. Thou shalt not Kill. Thou shalt not Lie. Thou shalt not Covet. (encompassed in saying, “Thou shalt not Covert”)

6. Review the Tao Te Ching, which will help you value inaction, inactivity and #1 on this list.

5. Root Alcohol “as drink” out of your life, any mind-altering drugs. A thorough review and understanding of the Ten Commandments will demonstrate that to go to drugs or alcohol over God is a sin, and will hurt you and others long-term.

4. Endure some short-term “pain.” The pain will pass. If that pain is poverty because you said no to a covert, illegal job = Good. You are on a positive path, and good things are on the way. #Karma

3. Pray again.

2. Commit to a clean, good, sober life—perhaps not of riches, travel and glory but of gratitude, love and thinking of others.

1. Stay away from evils like hacking computers, spying on people, telling lies or committing violence as you would keep your hands from a hot stove. Choose God over Devil, feel short term pain to experience long term joy and gains!!!

—Love, Bill