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God bless you.

Your noise is alarming. Could I entice you to change careers? Live better? Walk more?

Despite the odd craft dropping water on forest fires, I wish upon you all the enlightenment needed to ground yourselves in a better, quieter life.

Earth is the right place for love: I don’t know where it’s likely to go better.
—Robert Frost

Definitely not up there!!!

Your selling nature and peace out over time is a sad “American” story. The campfires that used to unify a humble people in story and hope burns your fuel recklessly, as you speed past God to self-will running rampant and loud not up but downward toward the Hell of our Industrial making.

Get out of your helicopters. Turn away from noise and evil. Suffer the short term pain of a job lost, money not earned, and head toward the righteous path—the long-term gains of doing God’s will.

Be quiet.

God and love await our return to nature. We cannot see or hear God nor God’s message with your horrible noise pollution buzzing in our ears.

God bless us to better!!!!

—Love, Bill “Naked Horse” Watkins
Honorary Tongva