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Grant our nations peace.

Grant us the wisdom to listen to the
old wise truths of the ages.

The Ten Commandments, the
Tao Te Ching, pre-religion wisdom from
first peoples like Native Americans.

People who could watch, see
and be a part of nature—learn
from it, be one with the streams,
rivers, waterfalls and prairies.

Help us LORD, to stay on the wise
path of the child.

Keep us in truth.  Keep us in
youthful excitement for learning
and wonder.

Help us to learn from the master
Rabi, who advised we “turn the other
cheek” to aggression.

The Hindu master, who resisted oppression
with peaceful protest, the African
American who copied that approach
to resist hate and injustice.

Help us, God, to be our true selves:

Loving, hopeful, peaceful and most
of all, Grateful for this gift called Life.