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Stand down, army, stand down.

You are worse than the British over
the colonies years ago.

You are loud, helicopters—and I can think
of no benefits to you except for maybe
that kind that dowse forest
fires with water.

The modern American city is
a modern American blasphemy.

Then call the police station to complain
about their loud helicopters and hear
the voice of stupidity talking back,
trying to justify the violent, loud
way of life while bad budgets
have stray dogs pooping in our storm

God, we should have learned from the
Native American people, listened to them.

Respected them.

Enough to leave when we were no longer

Back to our lands of origin.

The lands that God gave us; the ones
in which we buried our fathers and

Concrete, metal and trash litter the ground
that used to connect us with Mother

We have cut ourselves off from Love
itself, then wonder why the homeless
congregate in urine-filled gutters,
homeless dogs, too. This one from
England, this one from Australia—

Even the Dogs are lost in a country not
their own!!!

Disenchanted. Disillusioned, but so often
blissfully ignorant we immigrants squat on
Indian land.

We laugh the empty thrill of victory
that defeats ourselves with every cigarette
obtained, smoked and littered.

We laugh the high shrill shriek of killing
ourselves with alcohol and drugs,
because we know no better than we were
shown, and Dad hadn’t a clue.

“We are searching for a suspect in your

Officer: search for yourself, for YOU—not
they, are the Criminal making noise beyond
reason into the night over this supposed
City of Angels.

Be quiet, and change your life.

Find your roots, go there.

Indians: come back