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Lost Angeles is not where I started.

My home may be more to the East,
depending on where you are standing.

From Wales in 1606, three Watkins Brothers
came for what?

Freedom, fame? Wealth, riches? A
new start?

On a later date I will explore
the U.K. and Wales in particular
for problems of that age and ours that
would make people uproot, leave their
fathers’ graves, and take to new land.

Unfortunately, it was land inhabited by
a great people, those we now call
Native Americans.

Over the years, friendship with the
“Indians” became a “conquering” process,
where—in the end, we conquered nature.

All around me now in L.A. I see
proof of disillusionment, proof of
fish out of water, people without

A fractured race, littering trash, “getting high,”
trying the cope with being uprooted so
many years ago.

Slaves brought in chains against their will.

Criminals dumped on our shores.

Melting Pot or Waste Pit? This is the place
where you go to “start over” or “escape?”

To Wales I go someday to find my
answers, about “my” people.

I hope you find yours, and if
brought here illegally like the slaves
aforementioned: demand of
this corrupt American government
restitution at least in the form of
twenty or so thousand dollars each, so
that you may go back and visit your

the one they tore you from, to decide
if maybe that is where you want to be,
not in the trash pit that kicked out
God, Nature,

And the Native American in one fell