Plastic Bags float into the sea, eventually….

But what if we took care of them;
what if we kept them tightly balled
up in back pocket ready to spring,
use, re-use—recycle???

What if we taught in public
schools, not math and reading
first—but take care of our
communities, obey the law, honor
your parents?

What if we did not shy away from
the Bible if it teaches good,
add the Tao Te Ching when
appropriate, use the Big Book
of A.A., tell the old guard to give
up and make a gender neutral

Honor your parents to live long
in the kingdom God has given us,
keep one day a week holy, call it
a Sabbath, a day of rest, there is
wisdom in old—let go, and give
your life up to Higher Powers,
“shower the people you love
with love,” James Taylor hour—

the Day is Done, and Longfellow
coaches us to our highest selves
before sleep, to sleep perchance
to dance, the language we have
not perfect, betraying beautiful
fictions—contradicting heavenly
excursions as we go for one last
slide or reason “why” before the
eyelids close and yesterday dies.

I have an inkling it all matters, is
recorded, and that Karma is beyond
theory—it is Newton’s Third Law, fun
for all at Einstein’s intersection of
knowing and not knowing….

Honor them and sleep.

Honor them, sing, tell the truth,
reject sin and sleep…

Teach a child not to litter,
and sleep