Life itself, is in front
of you—what seems safe and right,
the risks we take calculated against
strength of day, weakness of night.

We do our best…

Some grind with head down,
assured the answer’s in hard work.
Some never get to look around, take a break

and by grinding daily we strip the new
off our spirit until it dies. Sometimes
fast, sometimes slow, but dead we’re
easier targets for calamity, believe the
first thing a doctor says when he or
she reads a reading and doesn’t
like what they see.

Scientists like Mary Baker Eddy,
positivists like Ella Wheeler Wilcox,
Longfellow must have been too tell

You are perfect, go with God, Create,
Be, Believe and decide in health to
Live and put Higher Power—

Not “Covid” or doctor’s orders in charge.

Look high and low for things that are
wrong and you shall find them.

Search instead for all things good,
and those, like an end to this, shall
you also find in time…

Give what you got, all you have to life,
and question authorities who tell
you it’s time to die…

For they, they have not allowed their
minds to go eternal, might be
grinders, might need healing from
you not the other way around, friend.

Show them your new paint, take
the first step (honesty) and awake—
God, even as concept or
Good Orderly Direction is bigger
than the evil you fear if you
Decide it is, make your great
decision here: