Market talk used to be about
weather at least.

Now, because of uneducated, short-
term thinking politicians and green
lobbyists we have the “bag” discussion,
the Q and A about bags.

Inanimate objects do not walk into the ocean,
or even float or fly there,
without human aid.

Should we outlaw humans at markets
in California?

That, or teach law in schools,
remind kids not to litter,
encourage them to bring that value
into their homes if missing.

Do school cleanups, pass out
awards for effort, until our cities
look like we care about them.

God’s Day is Sunday for me, Saturday
for the Jews, and forgotten by the
resentful bum or parking meter—
miserly going about business seven
days a week, head down counting change.

The Lazy Rooster wakes and crows
at noon, is called lazy by the other
roosters, until he reminds them that
those who judge get judged, a waste of
time to concentrate on others’ defects.

To fight back fears, I stay sober a day
at a time, accumulate books, items
from the past, Wisdom of the ages—
stack it up for rainy days.

I’m a Man of Mystery, working
on time’s proud history, 1-2-3,
Truth coming and going, waiting
for the next ask.

“Where’s the smile?” There it is,
and often I go there, unless of course
there is a cross to bear.

The snake first appeared to me
while I was in my crib looking up
at stars alone, feverish in a dream.

I screamed and no one cared. No one
seemed to understand; they had partying
to do, running from their fears
of voids, quiet times, and “nothing to

Nothing is everything, ask Borges or
Seinfeld, or Einstein or the guy who
invented the equation:
E=mc2 + 1, where one is God.

Or 1=0=Infinity – you can define
terms, use language I dare you!!

Fictions depicting fact, the closer you
look at Truth, the hazier the moment
gets—look at an Argentine waterfall
in the land of toucans, you can!

Live, stretch yourself, the dreams you
dream do have ears that care,
but seek them not, only your
dreams to share.

And they, Peace of mind—Heaven…
will be there