Born we never hurt;
vulnerable, loving, wondering…

We get scared once, twice, grow
up scared so many times, you make
a pact with the Devil to take
revenge on big bullying small,
justify to yourself and others when
you buy a gun, get trained in uniform
to KILL, throwing out a thought the
Bible or Torah instilled in you to
be “good” and turn the other cheek
to evil… forgive.

We may get hurt in this life; some
are confused, have walked too far away
from the infancy of innocence, forget
that the whole journey is about
staying young, fighting for innocence.

Our Anger is Devil-born, is from Evil,
and so a community is wise to stop
justifying it and its guns—bent on killing,
taking revenge for the pain, the fear felt,
preempting threats with shots through
the torso, awaiting a friend-in-Evil,
Satan beating that drum, calling it all
“Justifiable homicide…” What a game,
you think you win when you lied,

But oh the turns that take, as you
lie awake, the face of the murdered in
yours, you know there is a heaven, even
if only Peace of Mind, knowing
you did your best.

You could have believed in your fellow
man or woman, sought some good out
even in their worst moment.

You played God and not only judged
them as not worthy but killed.

And now they return to you in
nightmares and visions, God’s way of
saying: “Thou shalt not kill…” Your crime
has a punishment whether courts find
you guilty or not.

Two roads diverged in the heat
of a Los Angeles day: kill the apparent
killer or forgive.

One road to heaven, the other to Hell,
make up your mind now; I hope you
make it well