The valley’s peak is low,
stars shine greatest in darkness—
Newborn the sober alcoholic
shines when awake, the regret
of yesterday forming a wave
of curiosity, becoming in fact:


We want to take on the world at first
light; we shirk the Devil of last night,
the crutch and excuse of “oh,
I was drunk” doesn’t work anymore,
and you just don’t seem happy,
just getting by, and so turn around…

the education is good, high enough
to win a prize… you wipe the bhang
resin off your mind, regret is high,
but sober a day hasn’t seen much yet…

Keep rising, your brain supplying,
get back to reading, recall the quiet
of good times long but not too far
in the past…

We turn around, we turn around, we
find the solution we lost or never had found;
we accuse a friend of wrong,
wake up to our wrong, it’s our great
right; then we slow down, find God,
and go to day two, the second step…

Sanity. Find it!!