Starring another time, integrity
in film, on film, into blue eyes
I felt I knew a few guys, and there
was never a truer heart than the
one that gave who he was for
us to have in our homes, Into
the blue again, I miss
Paul and wish I could see him again.

The age was close, the goals the same,
I said “hi” to him at a reggae concert,
even remembered his name. Emilio
Estevez was there, the Ventura Theater
circa 2008, a Breakfast Club of
rubadub dub, take out the pot
and we love the music that praises

Reggae rhythms, diving down, we
are given our passions, some good to
chase—others we are left to question
tough to lose our heroes to planes and
cars, diving down—God takes us when
He or She pleases, a Powerful force
could’ve taken me in my friend’s
M3, weaving in and out traffic in
a San Marino suburb, no care
for intersections or stop signs it
was always “go” at all times.

The Great Humbler in the sky remembers
us like we Paul skating, surfing, scoring
goals—pumping fists, and we listen or
die the next time blue eyes love to drive…

We cannot bring Paul back, a spirit only
calling for peace on spirit’s gold waves
of sand, Meadow’s wide plane of
understanding hopefully rain from
pain, the rainbow learning with us
as we say no to some things, yes to others,

Never feeling less than perfect choosing
Ren’s life over death, feeling sad at our
loss into blue eyes, another time over
and over on the TV, a captivating
California Sun in blue eyes, tanned to
say “I love the beach, and please keep
loving it and ocean for me. Question
my speed in public streets, but never my
intention and passion to be”

Paul Walker