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Jeez, get some guts?

But it’s more than that, I
needed prayer. Before I even
knew it I needed prayer.

To be the kind of truth-sayer that
could produce the sooth
to sooth the soothing sometimes
cumbersome inkling to love—

Tell her!!

I grew up confused, divorce
was not a ruse, a microchip burst
when at six o’clock I didn’t
see Dad first… so I dreamed all
my dreams alone.

Finally someone got in there,
it was a pro paid money to
get in there—it was super cool
though how he did it—he
did it with soul and care,
not like a robot being paid to be there.

I love life, but this love
must have the courage to be true
if ever you’re to have a wife.

Chuckle and laugh—that’s
okay today… but from pro’s
or honest friends, or priests or
doctors do not stray.

There may be help, and with
dating we all need it because
guess what? It’s a challenge
for every single one of us, adult
and child alike.

So welcome to the club young people,
ask for help and do right!!!