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Sports Anonymous

Weird waking up from apparent truth.

You wake to a new you, the one that failed
a wreck on the floor.

Step on him and walk away now—

Truth, justice, the American way,
no system above corruption we had
a coup too in 1963 not two, and you?

You told me sports was fun, you watched
it on TV, signed me up, it’s what was done;
be a kid, mess around, get a summer job,
go to school, college then you’re set.

I’m forty-two and not set yet.

Fight a war and “win,” where should
I start with that, I can’t hardly begin—

Peace is not a riddle; it’s written all over
the U.N. charter, beginning end and middle.

It’s easy except the Devil’s will to muck up
perfect, alter flows until who knows?

Even you can be an enemy of the state. Or
a new one create? When this one doesn’t
serve, retire to the peace in your mind
called peace of mind, knowing you did
your best take that John Wooden poster
out of your chest, fall down and get up again,
all heart and no play, makes Jack a healthy
president until they take him away…

Killed in the middle of the day. Blood and
wives, new president sworn in that red pool,
smiling and winking at his congressman friend,
LBJ—I guess he’s got a library too,

We have plenty of money to kill the enemies,
That Devil at work, convincing the shadow it’s you.

I leave and I live, have walked away from two
addictions: Sports and alcohol.

The game I played, the goals I scored, all at
the expense of the homeless man’s lack
of sleep, Jacqueline Kennedy’s PTSD,
we should have been her comfort and arrested
the men responsible for death and pain.

Instead we sent Dulles to manipulate results
away from Truth to Oswald the St. Patty’s Day
of Patsies, and we all stood stupefied,

Because if like me you had family money?

You went to college, played sports, kept
your grades up, and thanked God
for National Security.

And the U.N., shining blue in the night,
seeks our day, the light in us to shine.

Give up the sport, the fight, the clinking
golden false delight, Lord Dewar out of

And Try. Just try…