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Good and Evil Still

We complicate the complicated,
think we know…

We all want to see keys, the language
or vision that encompasses “it,” that
thing John Wooden and I call
Peace of Mind.

What clinches the game played between
right and wrong, safe and unsafe?

The old answers still swirl, Charles Dickens’
Mrs. Chick calling for effort, Lao Tsu
calling louder from the other side
of Christ:

We cannot change the world!!

So should we try anyway? Wyatt
Earp said yes, there are times to
say “No!!” Stop doing that, alcohol
being pitched as a social drink to
young people through TV’s, flammable
toxic substances (and some deny
the Devil’s existence!).

An un-funny joke laughs at my
lost Spring; I turn back at my past
seeing two things, sports and alcohol

And I limp, and I limp, and my shoulder
hurts, and I watch movies from 1984
and remember my friends I never
anymore see, the girls I failed to be
honest with, the failure—

Now a smile, because Truth is its
own proud success!!

A perfectly worn dress, a nutshelled
realization that only good and evil
exist. Take your pick, have a God to
help you, and may you find
Peace of Mind.

God, help us forgive the wrongs, the
confusion that baffles the hurt
to vengeance sometimes consciously
carried, sometimes not.

God love us in our faults, help us
turn around:

Folks, the message is still the same…

Truth, it starts with truth, tell someone
the truth and let go