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New Constitution

We haven’t any British to fight today.

The sun comes up on the land, moon
on the other, hours separate time an
illusion alluding to Einstein’s relativity
relative to Jesus’ definition of Family,
A.A.’s of insanity—

Those who do the will of God, repeating
the same thing over and over again—

Expecting different results.

Truth, justice challenged, JFK
trying to do good offering peace
but wait: the political process is
corrupted by greed and selfishness,
so perhaps it’s better to fly below

Stay out of the light, put on dollar-gloves
and pick up trash, your home
and neighborhood need you.

We do our best—be and stay true, and
if God is sought… Peace will be found;
politicians solicit your love and they have
it, our roads are paved—just not very well.

God is still in charge, a Higher Power beyond
our grasp or understanding. The closer
we get the farther we fall, but it’s fun!

I do not participate where they
age discriminate, I have started my own
government (let them learn). Come to
me with requests as you have done them,
and we’ll see who helps you first.

The only requirement for being in A.A.
is a desire to stop drinking alcoholic
beverages. To engage in politics and vote
there are a million hoops to hop.

I’d rather just help