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A.A. Birthday

Like the other, another spin ‘round the sun.

This one’s fun!
Not at first, mind you, it’s an almost
impossible uphill climb.

So instead of trudging it straight, against
the tide and everything great—

We adhere to and climb twelve steps.
The first is a false one, we fall down,
get hurt and admit we’re done, in us
stick a fork.

The second is a ray of sun, sing lullabies
to sad lives, we see God, or at least a
Power greater than us.

The third is easy and hard haven’t you heard,
we look up words like “decision” in the
dictionary and find other words like
“Victory” – the devil runs away abashed
at every defeat. This is pretty neat, God
is in charge now, let’s see what’s left to do:

4. Write and think, and write and think—be
fearless, this is our lives, write and think.
5. Tell God, you and another dude your
findings and feelings, the weight starts to really

Six, we became ready for a new life by preparing
to give up old traits that clouded vision and
possibilities like dusty old drapes, sour grapes,
run to the market for new ones it’s not too late!

Seven is a way to humbly ask: LORD remove my
faults, Please…

Now write down names, people you have harmed,
become willing then make amends to them all.

Some may run away from you, see some
weird side of you, think you’ve gone
too religious, maybe take a break from you.

Others will be grateful and inspired.

Keep checking yourself against your actions;
faults like San Andreas want to rise and give us
trouble from time to time.

Pray hard! Improve that line between you and
God as you understand God, pray for that power
to know what to do next. Know that God’s will
is what happens.

Take that glory, your awakening of spirit, give it
to other punk alcoholics, people who could use
a boost, do this well and find you’ve gone through
the last hoop, now back to one, excuse me the One,

For there is where the healing is.

Happy Birthday.