Voyeur Envy

Stop buying that stuff, your life
is fine.

Stop buying that stuff, your life
is good enough.

It may not be as you once dreamed,
but grab it, accept it, and let Hollywood
successes be them. You are you;

We all have dreams, stuff to do; I dare
you not to buy the mags that say:
“So and so broke up with So and So,
and So and so’s in jail.”

What’s it to you? What’s more, those
mags are made up of photos got against
the will of the subjects:

Paparazzi in alley-ways, by-ways, under
freeways smoking cigs and wearing
rags hiding like you in Hollywood
picture mags. Escape is the name of
their game—don’t buy it!

Stay in your lane; do what you do great,
find that path to peace of mind. Stop
immediately the envy of a different road,
it’s not yours let it go!!

Look up to God, decide what you wanna be
and ask a blessing and then for that goal
head at flank speed.

And so let’s leave the stars we like to
hear and see on screen telling us stories be.

And what stories they are, artists
collaborating, thank them loudly by
resisting temptations to buy pictures
and magazines with pictures of them
and their day-to-day.

I hereby challenge us all to find
our own path, respect others
and theirs, “no means no” and
all of that