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“Halfway There”

Love beautifully bound, truth in tethers
winding ‘round the Earth, orbit after orbit
coming to the willing.

Open minds receive rewards. Late night,
the beer tasted good in fancy suits, gonna
“make money” because that was the way
living was presented.

We dream a new dream—but first, must
fall the old falls down the drain of superficial
success, the other side unsure.

We make the drop, deciding present company
trustworthy, it’s okay to let the cat out the
twenty-two year old bag, “I’m unhappy!”

A spiritual awakening the other side, this
was it, the walls come down, from superhuman
to human, from great to human, Will Rogers’
“great to be great but greater to be human,”
Brian L.’s Hazelden pamphlet, perfectionism
in the rearview mirror at least a real reason
to be alive!!

I must see this other side, this chance I take,
they tell me I’m all right, they relate, twelve
steps to freedom, go with me I wish I had
this before I turned twenty-three, a virgin
‘til thirty-three, gosh the truth!

Huh, the sad keys remembering, sad only
because I missed so much in not knowing.
I guess we are really where we are supposed
to be, there’s no other way, the sea is the sea,
the North beat the South, and I have
the second half of my life to live out my dream.