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History’s Literary Ship

I’m living at a book fair in Pasadena,
or am I aboard a seafaring vessel, circa

Languages are spoken, some with
different accents, some completely
different from mine, I’m on a ship
of knowledge heading for history’s
proud preservation!!

Come back, go forward, take these
documents with you, they’re ours.
“Monuments Men” in theaters, our
preservers in cubicles of event centers,
buying and selling history, these books
remind us of… us!!

What it was, is like, the maps in color
printing presses abuzz through the ages,
men and women’s whole lives dedicated
for us… for us!!

So that we could remember, for it is like
Boorman’s Merlin said: “the doom of
men that they forget.”

Women? Delve in, I think it was Sims Reed,
some booth I saw by chance, a dance of
forgotten women poets. Unless…

Forgotten, unless! Here we are, show me
more the ladies could write!! It’s not, then,
that I’m a bad guy sourcing out inspiration
finding it in Shakespeare, Frost and Longfellow

I’m a product of my age, so see what I see,
the ladies that wrote had a hard time
seeing the light, their work diminished in
the 1820’s, unless…


We dust them off, what’s more we print
and reprint, we see it on YouTube and
Wikipedia, but don’t forget!

Don’t forget!!

There was an original work once upon
a time. Go to your local book fairs
and shops, find the source, revel in history,

This glorious history sea fairing treasure
chest, this glimpse. Ah!

I rest