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Book Power

As Micawber laments the lack of fortune
and growing debt, Mr. Dick warms, waits
and shakes another hand.

Heart flames stoked by books’ power to
gather. The world is waiting, too, hoping
it might hear something from you, be it
a poem or a book, a sound or song,
Shakespeare’s running brooks, sung melodies

Giving power from one to another, the reason
for change to grow another flower.

Dickens stops short of debtors jail to relate
his father’s tale, woe and horror, but spirit
all around, spirit all around—

The Poor, Jesus’ blessed and meek, soldiers
and slaves of the earth, witty engines of merit
unaware of their wisdom, Shakespeare’s clown
unaware and true.

The jack of all trades is master of none, one
the unifying number providing peace to
the confused. We cannot do it all, Bottom
from the night’s dream’s got me laughing
as he falls, the ultimate ass.

God bless the book and its writer, the attempter
at teaching dodging tempters and cheating,
God loves a good book, save them from the
Nazis have a fair, keep the books shining
bright on shelves or words on brains
the pages for perusing not burning let’s kiss
the stanza that delves into my heart
like a razor into depression’s gaze.

I knew a heart for anything once upon a time—
it was every child the world over, unfiltered
joy and wonder worldwide. Adults trample
the true words making children king. We never
got to be kids ourselves maybe, we never
got to just be!!

Give them the vote immediately, children
who read. Tax not the willing, a government
of the people shall accept whatever the people
want to give.

Voluntary taxes, yes, and so just let us live!
If a road then does not get built, I’ll know to
give more next time, but this push and pull
between men and women, this hand out and
grabbing must stop.

Paid government officials? Get a real job. Or,
call it all irrelevant get a real God.

Truth is as truth was: a dream. Quoting myself
is not always what it seems, Dick and Micawber
shaking hands at last, the economist failing
as another set of days pass.

Dick, a total moron, the hope for all because
of his spirit and love, books a segway into the
soul of what was, is and is to come