Chasing Lezak I couldn’t help but notice
French at his back. There’s no way he touched
first, no way.

Yes he did.

Growing up, to me a Gaucho, always up and
down dreaming for gold in ways no one could know.

The coach and he at Barbara butted, until Jason
came forward with his own plan, started to win.

No one could see gold better, he was anchor to
a swim that made Phelps richer, incredible
unbelievable, impossible he came from behind
to beat the Frenchman talking trash a day before,
huge and on top the sport’s sprinting world—

Except for that day, that race, Lezak put it all
into one swim. He started slightly behind, and that
was enough to convince experts ALREADY convinced
that this race was lost, go for silver.

In fact, Rowdy couldn’t on paper find a way to
see American glory that day in August, 2008. Lezak
himself, interviewed after the race spoke of some
technical moves, but lots of disbelief, and “I
don’t know” how’s…. Phelps the uber-star, used
a similar word, “unbelievable.”

Believe it. Testimony to fact that on any given
day in any sport, even any life, when the world
seems closing ‘round in certain loss, the sun
can shine, you inspiration find on your proud
way to being Longfellow’s hero in the strife