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It bodes well, the competition
stiff and cold bursting in the sunlight
of dreams.

Could we stop and cuddle by the fire
as the athlete does what he or she
has done a million times before,
this time for Olympic gold?

I’m a comic—in L.A. I worked,
figuring it out, shamming around,
putting my show out on the floor
until one day I decided to win,
to put the training to use and not
budge from the winning plan.

My show reminded me or vice versa
of Lindsey Vonn’s Downhill gold
in Vancouver, 2010—the slips,
the slides, the veers, the good and
bad moments—trouble, slow, and fast
spots—places you “go for it” and others
you must hold back and stay on course…

She did it a million times before, this one
for gold! I’m so proud to be an American,
what’s more an honorary captain of the
winter Olympic American team.

It bodes well, Bode, the Tiara-wearing Julia,
dancing on the podium like you practiced
and promised yourself, sometimes others,
but it’s always that promise to yourself that
is most important. God? Take all the help
and inspiration you can get, find a line you
like and WIN, the first three letters of the
Winter Olympics; I won the audition that day—
kept my routine heading fast and smart enough
down the hill to victory;

I cried that day, tears of success—I just wished
Lindsey Vonn—oh yeah, she let it out, too…

Let it out; this is the Winter Olympics, Vancouver
2010. I hope God is pleased like me…

It bodes well!