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The wife of my youth from the first whistle comes;
Calling in the night, from rooms cold and silent,
out onto the dark bark… the chime of alarm;
Alarming isn’t it? The truth, the Sound, the One;

From Zero, to All—infinity; the wife of my youth.
Malachi: did he paradise find?
I did in A.A., where Jesus’ Day at a Time grew legs.
Like poems. Like whistles; how alike are waves…

Lives, lived paradise-bound. Lives lived to be lost—
the bark of the found, the smart truth of the hound.
What was the hope? That I could fate jump? Hate rid?
I cope with One because in Third Grade I met her;

She needed no thing. It was… Chely Wright was… It happened.

The first whistle in the air; the sound of care
her eyes; hair.
I’m done… Paradise Found.
A Dream un-raveled in Tao Te Ching.

Do nothing… And nothing does you. First Wife…