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Modern American Monarchy

We are still stuck in the past, or is
it the future? We forget truth, the
fact that we are truly powerless.

Obama comes into the room, any
President of the United States, and
time stops, King Obama.

I thought I as a voting citizen was the
big cheese in this monopoly? We want
to bow down to something, and choose
that position I guess.

Remember when the Jews were in the
desert having recently been freed from
slavery, and God himself was their king,
their everything?

Then one foggy day, they came to
God and said: we want to have “kings”
like other nations had.

The LORD with all capital letters symbolizing
in English the Hebrew YHWH, replied:

“I would be your king.”

But since God loved his people so much,
he gave them their king, Saul then David and
so on down through the ages to Obama.

I giggle to think of the insanity in thinking
another man has more power than me. He
does not, not real power.

For real power go to God, YHWH, Jehovah
Allah Supreme, Higher Power, Creator,
Mother Nature Outer Space Whatever!!!!

Just don’t hurt yourself bowing to another
whose blood is flowing. A waste…

Better to find life between you and your God,
in that find your place.