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As we skip winter this year, I reflect
back on past seasons, and generally
how they work here in Pasadena, CA.

Chinese magnolias bloom in January
or February, depending on the sun, this
year January.

Jacarandas in May, Jasmine in May or
June, and other plants that smell good
the same.

Agapanthus enjoy May and June as well,
again unless the sun is stubborn not
allowing for winter.

Summers are hot. So much so that I
do believe we have seasons here. You
better believe we know when Fall has
arrived to spell us, give us a break.

That’s the big transition to me, brutal heat
to pleasant, we are challenged enough by
weather that when added with earthquakes
we try to rival Florida’s hurricanes and Midwest
and eastern cold.

Minnesota laughs at my seasons, but I’ll
say: Einstein was right, it’s all relative, and
when you live where I live you count them out
like anywhere else, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Just because we don’t much freeze in winter
doesn’t mean we appreciate the Spring
any less, or in changing from shorts to pants
in October look east to smile and keep score.