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The Devil is a sneaky singer,
whispering song in sleep,
attacking the weak—he goes
in deep!

I was just five, when Dad gave
me alcohol to drink, aye for
sure a mistake but the Devil
did wink!

Narrow is this path to heaven,
wide toward hell, good luck
picking the right hole to inhabit.
Good luck!

Fear and Pride keeps us locked
into wrong way past right, past
when it’s time to come home,
tell the truth,

Pack it in for the night… Grease
is the word, high school dramas
and comedies being played again
and again,

Over and over until you figure it
out at last.  Our old errors are not
as they seem, in the past, but
infect now—

Unless we square up the Devil,
Call his bluff, tell him to “Get
Thee behind me,” as instructed
and win…

Honesty, humility, and willingness
to be penitent is the pride-busting
state that gets the girl, the life
eternally circling free of sin…