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I was brought up to think
polytheism and paganism the
devil, and something to avoid
like the plague.

I here announce my polytheism,
finding both the bible and
Earth concept helpful to
arrive at good spirituality
and decision making.

The two work together well,
ask Juan Diego and the Virgin
of Guadalupe.

Mixing is okay, take what you
like and leave the rest;

the highest power in my life,
when put into words is the
Native American Great Spirit.

I pray without books, conjuring
the Earth and sky above it,
attempt to find harmony
between it all, and ask guidance
that my action find and enhance
the harmony.

The word of God through his
son Jesus Christ is food; I
eat it daily next to my breakfast
and lunch.

I do not eat dinner anymore
because two drug overdoses
injured my brain and diaphragm
so I cannot digest food and sleep
at the same time.

I took drugs and drank flammable
alcohol before I considered
the Great Spirit and happy,
balanced, content