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The spirit of God, wisdom
and truth cascading down, wordless
and real.  Life, Creation, in a baby’s
eyes upon waking—

What are borders?

“Good fences make good neighbors,”
said Robert Frost, and Jesus?

Only God is good.  I’m a polytheist,
a student of the Bible but, more
recently, taken with foot on soil,
appealing to nature,

I’m into the Native American
Great Spirit.

No borders, no words, we appeal
in dance, song, movement,
see answers in light, comfort,
warmth, and our daily bread.

The infant cares not about
borders, nor I.  A bit of boundary
between them and I is good,
as long as we’re willing to tear
it down in need.

Kindness is universal, morality
within us all to know.

That’s why when it comes time
to make amends for harms in
our past by us or our ancestors,
I say don’t hesitate but Go…