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You want to spotlight the gangs
from your loud chopper above;
you want to wage a war to feel…

to feel… Something.  To feel safe,
to get paid; to find your situation,
your three square meals and a cot,

your off the boat and into uniform
guarantee of work.  The wide path
to destruction is so easy to acquire…

So, maybe say “No.”  Maybe flip
the gospels upside down, imagine
that which comforts you most—

Died and was not there.  Perhaps
we could benefit from the naked
walk in nature, trust higher powers

the natives in “America” call Great
Spirit, mother earth, peace of effort
exuding graves under white decoration

and advance.  We built churches and
cities on sacred grounds because we
did not do what the bible said to do.

We talk the big game, but then when
put to the test, we often fall through
the water Jesus walked, fish to net—

Because our faith is as strong as a
guppy against a hungry racoon,
abstinence to the drunk who forgot

to pray…

We could send love out to our
communities and get the peace
war officers claim to protect.

Or we can keep throwing up those
choppers, wage war with cops
and uniforms allowing fear to

fuel anger to fuel hatred so we
can continue to suffer.  Yoda
shakes his head.

Turn around, if the wrong path
you are on, young Luke or Leia…
Spread love not fear, ground

your horrible first instincts, wait,
listen, and only act if moved
by something truly good.