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Bad Flag3

Euphemism is a funny thing,
a disguise like wind in sky,
a subtle turn in the “s” so
one can curses bless

in the face of death, finding
eternal life in lies that keep
you doing harm for material gain
the USA a ruse of gangs.

Peace was a rainbow too cheap
to truly love, the storm on storm
over the years clouding facts
like law schools in countries

founded in native blood, yelling
out “Freedom” while we lock
them up in reservations.
Claiming “ours” that which was


Euphemism comes to bat, over
and over again.  We brought
“Progress,” “Colonized” the land!
Brought farming and farmers

To new land?  It was taken, but
that didn’t matter to the earnest
ignorance that made hail out of snow.
Lie after lie covering a violent sky.

We can always turn around the ship,
Start telling the Truth before we die