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We came up somewhere;
our cells, our “blood” from rivers,
mountains and streams…

We move here, we move there;
our ancestors thought it wise,
or forced out by war,

Picked up our things, set sail,
replanted across a sea in new land,
Don’t be shy!!!

Then we or someone else…
hatched a very big lie.
We were “white,” therefore better.

“We were white, therefore
deserved slaves…”  Add to that
“We were Christian,”

Believed what the Bible said.
Anyone not white or Christian
were to us better off dead.

We kept up the colony, laying
waste to the indigenous dream;
nature to be soiled and used

Not loved and thanked, we went
from flower to flower, killing power,
left our mark in the sand.

We planted Europe’s flag down,
adopted laws we mocked there.
Ethnocentric all from fear…

Gun powder from alchemy
to bombs to guns to “win”
un-winnable wars.

Peace selected by few, scoffed
at by the masses in a peer-like
pressure of exploding gas!

Don’t just trudge up the road,
look back occasionally, take
in the past!!

There we might find a clue
to bettering our current step.
Have we paused enough?

Are we wise to stop more, pray
or think real deep on next
steps like cars, flying machines

loud dreams with lots of
bells and whistles that sell
themselves but

can make the birds, coyote
and deer scream?  The merry-
go-round is still denial,

un-checked the officer will leave
the ground today, make war
on folks determined “bad.”

Judge not lest ye be judged
was spoken well and true.
Ye without sin, go ahead

Fly away from truth.