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You can’t be too open about
racism and xenophobia and expect
to win people’s approval, even an

So you talk about a wall between us
and them, the whites and the Others.
The ones you know, who speak your
language, and the Others.

We make the gangs in America, have
had a covert one at Langley for years—
then export them to the south.

They get bigger and more powerful
down there, then export themselves
back to America…

But wait, isn’t this all America?  South,
Central, and North—

Ethnocentric we call ours the real
America while we bury old treaties
with real Americans, bury our promise
to give forty acres and a mule, keep
documents and truth “classified top
secret” that point to CIA as the
real murderers of Kennedy, Martin,
Kennedy and John.

Oscar Romero killed by CIA-backed
killers, and Trump blames El Salvador
for MS-13?

“Build the Wall!” they chant instead of
“We hate brown people!”  Hate from
anger from fear, as Yoda said—

nine out of ten people are half-dead,
so don’t hate the folks screaming
MAGA and Lock her Up; they
need our love and forgiveness, a hand
to humbly reach out, as people did
for me in AA, people did for Arno and
Christian following light out of hate
groups tied to the KKK.

Donald’s dad arrested for fighting with
them, racist rental practices, a man
grows up with lies and continues
to lie!

The answer is not hate and walls, but
still—as it’s always been—love and truth.