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We want to do it all; be all
things for all people, please them
all—have them hold us in their
so very high esteem, be paid,
praised and sleep.

“I can do it!” we volunteer, often
for things we do not well, but
have within us a self-confidence
that knows we do that thing
better than most!

Then one day we wake up,
shake off the hangover—feel a
little tired of holding a flag
for big groups of others, as its
weight lags and lags.

Truth washes over us in the
shower, some better yet find
lines off shore, paddle out and
fall in to be cleansed of all the
self-told lies mirrored out;

We give to God but not enough,
reserving really hard times for
wine and beer.

We claim belief in a Nazarene
teacher, who pointed up not
to himself, said about your life
to never fear!  The birds are fed,
God clothing fields with grass,

and you?  You are okay, maybe
just stay in your lane a little more,
do your achieving there.  Look at
Solomon with his one bestowed
great trait,

David could sing and dance, very
blessed, Jesus a teacher—

And you?  What, are you the first
down the pipe to master all trades
at once!?  Haha, you have been
cursed with Shakespeare’s bottom,
you’re an ass,

I say with all loving embrace.  Wake
up striving for the stars, and find
yourself falling on your face—

You are not good.  Neither am I;
we get a few talents, pray to god and
thank, then with that one or two
things we do well let’s go out now
and to the world supply.