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True is as true was, not in words
until blessed—before that?

You must ask.

The ear must hear earth, listen and
touch the dirt with hands and feet,
feel the thunder, be a part of the
sound, the waves, the one heartbeat.

“God” is for you to define, life for
you to sort, master or discard, our
choices abound, so pray first.

I don’t care what you pray to, though
when I got sober I started to care about
most things.

Words, shmerds, be happy, and choose
a god or Higher Power that inspires
you to great days!

Forty-six years has provided me a lot
of evidence that some sort of code
or adherence to spiritual principles
helps one enjoy, live and give toward
great days!

What is life, but a day?  Make it great,
the key admitting we can’t do that
alone, that supplication does work.

Ask and ye shall receive was said by
a wise teacher, referring to the glory
of prayer, the same one that said
that you can move mountains with
true belief and dedication to your

Let go.

Listen to the reason, the gift given;
there is a fairness in the honest
step, look both ways and consider
before taking it.