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Who needs minorities and
under-represented communities
to form groups to alert people
that they are with those minorities
and under-represented groups?

“Blacks for Trump,” “Whites for

“Men for Hillary?”

Irrelevant, your honor?

Men and women can never lead
men and women to the promised
land without Higher Power?

Is there a man or woman without


The person talking most is he
or she that needs the most,
needs others to listen, needs a
certain amount of attention to
feel loved and worthy.

A great leader does exist among
men and women, but is a person
that yields to the wisdom of others—
better yet, God or Great Spirit, the
collective unconscious, or how
they do in 12-step life, the “group
conscience” or large votes.

We are powerless over so much,
it is a laugh even that we believe
in democracy as much as we do…


Sort of vain and untrue, for I never
saw a person nor group of people
ruling during a forest fire, earthquake
or hurricane.

Our politics is a large fraction show until
it reflects the truth that God is
still in charge.