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Teachers and students are targets
because we have fallen for a great

That schools are good.

That schools will help a person
become “successful,” the modern
word for Heaven—

spirituality kicked out of modern
life, more and more.

God is being kicked out of politics,
schools, and even churches that
tout public prayer as good—despite
the teachings of Christ, who touted
private prayer.

Shopping centers and malls,
concrete and asphalt mixed with
high buildings to trap us and block
us from the glory of unfettered

We construct cages of learning,
worship and living, separate
ourselves from Creation, celebrate
our human abilities and “Oh,
aren’t we neat,” then—in a panic
of lost peace of mind…

A disgruntled student shoots
through all barriers, acts out to
feel something, and tears down
our walls of Babel in multiple
gruesome murders of innocent,
unarmed people.

Walls within walls, the shots tear
town walls.

Inside the walls, if not dead himself,
the shooter feels now.

Feels regret.

And a poet wonders why he still
lives in a modern city.