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Sometimes the closer you
delve—the farther you are from
the truth.

You must back up to see the forest
from the trees, they say, each
cliché with

elements of truth, so repeated
until there’s a catch—maybe

to be used or useful to people.

Often I get upset about what
someone does or says, then

into a black hole of unknowns;
so much so I start to think that
what could

be going on is above my paygrade,
like a deep problem in the person,
like alcoholism,

day drinking and depression. If
such a thing is going on, you
are liable

to get caught in bigger problems
than you bargained for, you keep

and wind up in a haze of powers
bigger than yourself that have nothing
to do with you.

Approach life and its relationships,
even quick interactions, with small,

gentle intentions.  “Be as this little
child” to get to heaven, said a wise
rabbi once.

Be small.  Be as the child.  Smile,
and never harbor grudges, deep or
dark adult

feelings, knowledge of the apple
eaten bearing its bad fruit—

don’t let it fester, do what the toddler
does, and smile.