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God and Health Collage1

The best doctor I usually

In lines that sometimes inspire,
Sometimes surprise—

by chance, nature, or nature’s
changing course untrimmed—

Shakespeare himself, a poet
who believed,

for without humility…

Without humility what would we
the people be?

Humble is the way of truth, keeps
us at our right size,

so for goodness’ sake, let’s not put
other people too high above us,

Save a spot for God.

By God I mean a power greater than
yourself, who knows more than you do…

is more powerful than you are.

Is capable of more loving wisdom than
you are.

And, yes, this power or force can heal,
and will over time if you fast and pray,

meditate long thoughts, breathe, listen
to dreams—ask and ye shall receive,

Jesus the wise, rebellious rabbi declaring
gospel messages dripping with love and

hope for the hopeless!!

Seek and ye shall find!! Yes, and move a

So, the next time someone tries to tell
you so assuredly, “go to a doctor!!”

Find time to walk in nature, lift your
heart and mind up in prayer,

and ask the Doctor!

“What should I do, LORD?” in the Hebrew
tradition of YHWH without vowels

to keep us from blabbing the Name.

You will get an answer over time or right
on the spot.

Sometimes the answer is hard. Sometimes,
the answer is easy, or

often somewhere in between.

Do what God asks of you and find peace.

And as soon as you declare it, my goodness
you will feel it:


For health is exactly that which God
provides when you ask…

Peace of mind.

With you all the time, unlocked with prayer,
felt after action or none,

Felt when you know life is good,
and you are not the One.