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-by Bill Watkins 12/2/2017


Unreported so far to my knowledge around the December 1 Michael Flynn guilty plea, is the part of the Mueller deal that says:

“Michael, you get to become a patriot again.”


I blast this country’s government every other day.  Easy to do.

CIA has been clearly running it since November 22nd, 1963.  We killed off and ran out a native people that were one with the land—its caretakers.  We brought in the sin of slavery; abused a people because of the color of their skin; then gave “freedom,” forgetting to truly make amends for the sin.

But I am still a patriot.  More because I criticize the United States and fact check its leadership, than because I carried a gun or shot people.

I love the First Amendment of the Constitution, some others of our Bill of Rights—and I generally love the land, as the native people did.   Am sad by our noise, trash, metal and concrete, believe helicopters to be the devil, but I have hope.


General Michael Flynn turned his back on the United States after being fired by President Barack Obama in 2014.  Fell for the trap of easy gains, got himself into debt, Russians perhaps using anger, resentment or another way to blackmail him into loyalty to them.

To him…  Vladimir Putin, the KGB spymaster autocrat in chief of another land rich in potential and history.

A slippery slope of relations fell into place—Flynn moving on to accept other shady deals with an autocratic Turkey.  He seems in every way to have been not just an “unregistered agent” of Turkish interests while in the employ of Donald Trump and the United States.  He looks to have been an outright treasonous spy.

On December 1, 2017, Bob Mueller of the Special DOJ investigation into Russian tampering with the 2016 American election, possible coordination in that tampering with Trump and/or his campaign, and Trump’s possible obstruction of federal investigations:

gave Michael Flynn not just a deal to cooperate with him for a lesser plea, but…

Bob Mueller gave Michael Flynn a second chance to become an American.  A patriot.

Welcome back, Michael.  It’s a mess here, and there are lots of problems, I’d say.  But here we are, and we do our best where we are born.

Welcome back to the fight to make our flag mean something good.  Donald Trump disgraces us every day, on 11/27 using “Pocahontas” as a racial slur against a political opponent in front of veteran Navajo World War II code-talkers.

Now you have a chance to convert Trump into a patriot, too!