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Some of them like to say “it
can’t be done!”  The body produces
something, there’s an instinct—
it’s gonna find a way to come out!

Men are in the spotlight of late—
“abusing women with our abuse,”
Power trips, there’s no excuse!
I wonder if we went a little deep—

We could bridge the gap between
what we know and what we Tweet.
Where is the factory putting out
healthy little boys?  Let’s please Teach!

Some feel the penis is not born right;
snip off foreskin, snipping off protection.
God and nature flawed?  We’re going
to “fix” the gun, taking off its safety?

The hood gone, the helmet exposed,
now let’s wish instead of will the boy
through sex education, neglect the
Bible talking Wife of Youth—

Follow Mom and Dad’s example of
what’s easy, convenient, and if it
comes to the surface—let it go.  Wide
is destruction’s path, many don’t know…

God is waiting for our prayer, but
often in vain as we pull this adjusted
tool out, after years of repression and
alcohol consumed, whip it out inappropriate

in the face of workmates and clients,
we cannot have a female friendship without
instincts to mate—ones we do not stop
nor know it’s possible to stop!


I gave up sex three months ago.  Then
failed to follow through, relapsed a couple
times but am back on the horse of zipping
it up in honor of the Wife of My Youth and God.

I pray in the morning.  Say No all day.  Pray
at night, saying thanks, and saving the sex
release for One Person and One Person
only!  In my case, she is far away, a woman

who was a beautiful girl in my past…
My first crush, the wife of my youth!  We
teach our boys to laugh these off, then they
go on to another flower, another girl.

Then another.  Then another.  Then another…

The bad habits add up.  With unprotected
private parts, the boy becomes someday a
man without instruction.  He abuses women;
he pays society back for being abused.