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“You need to go to a doctor”
may not be true.

In fact, our needs are quite simple.

Our health drops when we ignore
real needs; replace them with fake
ones like “I need my car.”  “I need
to go to the doctor.”

You do not.

We need air, breath, food, water,
a place to sleep, basic warmth,

We have ways of seeing things from
dark to light, fear and worry trying to
seep through; it’s a war of attrition

to look for right.

A star in the night, which sometimes
is clouded over by clouds that do not
kill the star…

Obfuscation is the devil’s job, that
and dazzling dark with light.

We cannot yield in the fight—

We must keep looking for right!

“I have a sore back, I need to take
a drug” misses the boat that shoves
off from the shore of truth, the boat
being that Pain is the Gateway to Joy.

If you do not Feel the pain, you miss out
on the joy!

Escape! Escape! Escape!

will make you late, late, late—Jonah
in the whale of refusing God’s will.

Feel the short term pain to garner
long term gains; Father Weston went
to AA and Al-Anon, “whatever feeds you,”

and recall that by bread alone man
does not eat, so bring the words of God
along!  This trip to heaven requires the
angel call through music and voice, holler
at the devil to “Get thee behind me” while
we erect a band to fight regret, take on hate,

turn the wheel to justice in your town, take
off your suit and rake!

Yes, the dirty acts yield clean, while money
shuffling around clogs our gutters.

Clean every day!  It keeps that doctor away!

Rise up, just for today.  Take a photograph.

Pause to laugh.  Write a schedule for your
twenty-four, God above, sleep at the bottom,

fill in the rest—live your dreams!

(But go nowhere without truth. Let’s
have it right here!)

Peace is the rainbow after the rain,
the swept-clean sky.

I cannot better the feeling of what Fall
means to the 100 degrees; every song
has his or her season, mine in winter
about to end,

so I truth in you call out, the devil away,
Look for Right instead of wrong, don’t
go to “doctors” if all you do is poke
and prod at problems.

Give God or Higher Power or Something
Big that loves you its due.

Love.  Needs are these, working, loving
and playing in the snow of never-never,
always better when we smile, and thank
God just for today.

“Enough is as good as a feast,” said
Mary Poppins—wasn’t she neat.

Beat, beat, beat, strike the band—
today is enough!

Enjoying it through that pain is the
reason this poem or any endeavor
is endeavored under the sun and
moon of no more complaints…

The Beginning.