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-by Bill Watkins 10/8/2017


I am formerly suicidal.

It is a horrible, irrational state in which to find yourself.  Bedeviled, truth is clouded, and there is an all-out fight going on for your soul.

“Suicidal” is an unfortunate but perfect motive for mass murder—a perfect storm that can lead someone into a “suicide by cop” situation, a “blaze of glory” of taking other lives down as you kill yourself.

It’s like that drowning victim, who if you’re not careful, will drown you too as they submerge.

The drowning individual must be knocked out sometimes, as I understand, to be saved by a rescuer.  Dying somehow wants company…


For this reason, it seems odd that people are still desperate for a “motive” in the recent Las Vegas shooting.

The shooter was suicidal; killed himself after the horrible shooting of others.  A dying suicidal guy doesn’t care!

A total loss of care in life is dangerous to the suicidal, and unfortunately can be fatal to others surrounding that person.