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-by Bill Watkins 10/7/2017


The only required course in all of our schooling should be Law.

To pass on law, and make it the study only of lawyers and police officers, is to keep a majority of citizens blind to what governs them.

Ignorance in law is a temporary bliss, fine in the bubble until it bursts…

Private schools and country clubs think Law may be a silly study, as money brings in a false sense of entitlement.  “As long as we are well-mannered and respectful, that’s enough…”

Public schools are set often in the middle of litter-filled, noisy squalor, and “that is what we know, let’s just get our ABC’s and 123’s!”


We can do better.  Strive higher.

We need Law in our schools; I have taught it to children as young as five years old. Children love numbers and codes, start with:

California Penal Code 374:

Don’t Litter.

CPC 240:

Don’t Assault.

CPC 422:

Don’t Threaten.

There’s Vehicle Code for wearing safety helmets when riding wheeled devices; kids should be brought up knowing as many codes as possible, starting with the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights!

A great high school course could be made of Friedman’s History of American Law, a very readable text that could lead to many discussions.  “Is that a good law?”  “Why or why not?”  Discussions that lead to full civics reviews, field trips to City Council meetings, projects for writing councilmen and women, state representatives, Congress and the President.

Be a part of this world, not ignorant sheep, waiting for the law experts to manipulate you their way!

A good course in law and civics, schools inserting legal language into their credo’s and mission statements, are actions that will lead to the graduation of better citizens.

In fact, my next article will expound on the need for high school students to pass a Citizenship Test before being eligible to receive a diploma.