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Good gosh, we are all just people.
The devil loves it when we label others,
divide, divide, divide.

Don’t just call it a crime, label it something
that conjures a religion, ethnicity
or way that someone dresses!

The devil in love with division, so maybe
we should think of another way to see
things, this my intervention.

People are people—crime is crime, nothing
more or less.  Crime comes from Hunger,
Anger, Loneliness and Fatigue.

There’s no excuse for crime, but neither is
there one for Judging those who commit
it, it could be you—

If you take yourself out of your comfort
zone, try a day in someone else’s shoes.
I almost chuckle at the news,

who tries to figure out in a rational way
the motive for every single bad thing that
happens, a car runs into

a crowd, those reporters often trying to
find a “reason,” like it’s written in some
book!!  It’s not, I guarantee it,

Crime committed not a reasonable thing,
so let’s stop using our brain, switch to our
hearts, begin more giving…

More foreign aid, less judging—more Twinkies,
less bombs, revenge and killing.  “Terrorism”
starts inside of us, there

is sin within us all!  To not admit that, is
to keep throwing stones in Jesus’ face,
at this or that bad man or woman,

Inflating yourself in a high for moments at
a time, making yourself feel strong, amongst
all that weakness, it’s over there!!

Not here, with me, it cannot be, ewww!  Go
away, that’s not me, that’s you!  Ewww!  You
are the devil, never mind

Mine growing in me all the time, I am afraid of
difference and change, and so therefore
pre-judge in thought called prejudice

that leads to actions that discriminate, make
moves to further not love but hate.  We must
change, or just simply wait,

Lao Tzu reminding us we cannot change the world,
so sit back and enjoy what was made by Something
not us for us to enjoy,

or go on saying that it’s all us—we are the Great
Ones that live and Create!

That turban makes me scared, their way of life
different, a different book they read, oh let’s
start grouping that group,

Let’s after another crime, keep grouping that
group until we can “eliminate that group,” and
now you are Hitler.

I don’t judge Hitler because I am a man, and am
prone to sin, but I can note that there was a point
in his life when marbles got lost,

and in the wind of despair and confusion, the devil
told him to kill a race, and he did, and he killed
himself as the story goes.


Their loss is sad, too, and if you cannot say that
I can only hope you change and pray for you.
All life is Life and valid,

It’s best to pray for and hope for all mankind to
thrive, win and love.  So while today I wear my
“Resist” T-shirt, and hope that

Bob Mueller gets somebody or other, I still root
for the orange haired man called “president,”
that God touches his life,

that we hear truth, but I do not hold my breath.

Since the prophet Samuel asked for a king so
that the Jewish people could be like “other nations,”
we’ve been in a freefall

of bad kings, leaders, false prophets and presidents
pretending to lead other people—people leading
people, the blind

leading the blind into a ditch, over the falls,
into hell, the garden of weeds, the plastic ravine,
laughing all the time,

might be God above who told us the king would
make us want to whine.  But we cannot go back to
God with words now,

The actions we take, the only way back to putting
the LORD first, judging people not… so that we may
avoid the harsh, deserved judgment

of more suicide bombing.

The waves are upon us, the storm surge reaching
twelve feet, an earthquake to the south, and we
try to hold on to our kings,

Try to with God, Higher Power, Creator compete.

We cannot.  So judge not, lest ye also be judged,
and if the press should at the “terrorist” throw
a stone, even say “coward,”

or “loser,” indeed, let’s keep our heads down,
pull another weed, our own garden needing tending
more than the community pot—

bitter leaning.

God bless us to truth, and the truth is we are
human beings (whatever that means).  Fallible
souls, scoring goals,

with occasionally since David, a beautiful song
to sing… Perhaps we can be silent until one is in
the offering.  I’ll go get some instruments,

give a song to the “terrorists” making snowmen
in the snow, trying to get a good signal to watch
a favorite show.

Ahh, they like to laugh too.  They are not “terrorists,”
unless we all are.  We are all people, dust in the wind
of a hurricane’s star.

We are all people.  Hear this, the call to you—be you,
be you, be the best you and forgive acts of hate
that could have been yours

if in their shoes you walked a day.

Peace!!  The rainbow lacking judgment, of the rain
that pelted the shore, it does not ridicule—the colors,
but reigns its shadow like love

and joy over past’s hard pain.

Grow up, we are the Same.