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She didn’t need to call, the ring
from far off sounding men to women,
one for each, Malachi and Solomon
claiming wives of our youth.

I heard the call, ran from it a long time,
like Jonah’s date with a whale, time
would sadly tell a tale of what not to
do when in love…

She had a knight!

A Welsh conqueror in flight;
Once awoken I cannot retreat,
To surrender not in the code, but
only to do right.

Truth may cause the best in us to
prevail against wind and sin, rising up
in us we can only avoid it so long until like
a wave makes toward a pebbled shore—

We choose expression and action over
the whale.  In the end, change becomes
the buzzword of the tale, the dream of all
that we can be becomes now, this moment—

Eclipsing all others, pasts and future bothers,
until we rhyme with time, are the effort
we project, peace of mind the heaven we always
looked up to see.

Tenderness was encased in military-graded glass;
late is better than never to the most needed
of all class, Law precedence taking prescient
permanent residence in the Peaceful pursuit of

the right love for one becoming two, two becoming
three and four all the way to Lao Tzu’s sweet
10,000—the dream of terrestrial ecstasy calling
you and me out of the whale forever.

The crest of Watkins and Wales shines on my vest
as I swoop in disciplined but inspired.  I grab flowers
while I fight back demons, destined to rip apart
violence with submission to Christic love determined.

I shall not strike at the striker, but give him love,
defend the honor of my gal with every strand
of precision and skill my lack of musket can muster
on the field that whispers “gan,” Japanese

Martial arts again, calming all insipience back to
subtle gentility and peace.  The strawberry blonde
desire for my gentle fire cascades somewhere unknown
and far away, while I sit and ponder.

I can only do my best, reach toward God, survey
the day and never speed in its quest.  God help
me now as I pull off my vest, show the heart of the
warrior bleeding poetry from the stream within—

God, you helped me to love but I resisted its
expression, sought the Freudian answer in
flammable liquid, sought the Devil until I cast
him behind, wearing this armor now of veterans

to shine.  I am with the LORD of Hebrew fame
and glory, draw from the native American Great
Spirit, Tao Te Ching and any other truthful spring.

Peace of mind be with her until we meet—

She has a knight vamped low, camping nigh
and high above the flood line.  Smart at times,
but quick to learn, the study of failed kings,
Solomon teaching the wisdom in economic asking.

She has a knight to honor her and God, the
route to both he makes without a pout about
the mapping.

Only God above knows what it is that is truly
right; while clarity ponders my naked sight,
I proclaim like Dylan, a true Watkins humbled by the

She has not only me, but what God alone next
to me can see, she has this prayer, this prince,
this wayward Jonah asking you to dance…

She has so many things and dreams, but she also
has me, fighting for those dreams and God’s
so tenderly.

She has a knight.

She has me…  The better part, the light of God
within me pouring might.

She has God, too, she has a knight!!

If only to fight for the right to be wrong;
she has a knight, for eternal is time and
poems too long.  She has a knight!

And God has us, blessed in an embrace of kings,
so that Samuel can recede, men ruling men
subside, the world toward Eden roar back,
Paradise a matter of smiling in the dark,

choosing happiness with God over knowledge,
Gradgrind’s fact, fact, fact.

She has a knight, and like Jonah I’m coming back.
From Whales to Wales, dark to light, death
to life, lies to truth I’m returning as knights do,
to tell you over and over what always was true:

I love you.

God and truth on my patch next
to flags and sheaths—She has a knight, and only
one.  For others that try to claim her I say they
must be better than I, better and truer so good
luck with that—my heart is yours.

I wish we could all be as happy as me just
to be on the road to peace.  To discard the weapons
of fear, to honor the wife of my youth, and put
God first is to know I am truly here.

She has a knight, and I a lass to love—

I may never see her again, but my honor is full.

And with that I close my eyes in night aware
I was my best person today.

She has a knight, and me my peace of mind—

We are in love in our own lanes, and God will unify
only in His or Her sweet time.

We are apart for now, but not in hearts that know—

God, fill us with happiness, if we do the things
that please You.  She has a knight!

A fella in the fight!!!

No one shall deal treacherously with her, not while
I ride this walkway home.  I love her in the light of
my memory, and that is enough, and so I roam.

She has a knight.  It is me, a Welsh former-
conqueror of lands to the west of the sea.

She has a knight, and he is me, I love her name,
her song, her form it’s “Anne!!”  And she is my
only queen.